Keep Your Office Organized with the Right Shelving and File Storage Solutions

Your office can overpower you if you do not keep it organized. It is not uncommon for people to feel like their office is running them, instead of them running their office. If you’ve experienced this sentiment, chances are you have made excuses about putting your office in order.  The old stand-bys, “I don’t have the time”, or “There are more important matters for me to address”, ring true for those of us adverse to cleaning out desk drawers or overflowing cabinets


What you may not realize is you actually spend more time pushing paper around your desk to make room to do current tasks, and even more time going through stacks of unfiled folders searching for one particular piece of paper. Simply clearing off your desktop by opening a side drawer under the desk and dropping everything into it does not count as organization.


Depending on the current state of your office, you may think it will require weeks or even months to get your office back into order. However, rather than giving up or investing money in a professional organizer you can keep your business humming while dedicating only 15 minutes – 30 minutes each day to organize paper.  Make it a game. Open your favorite i-tune, set the timer on your smart phone, and begin.  Devote no more time than you’ve allotted, but allow no interruptions.   Reward yourself with a coffee or a candy. Before you know it, you will wonder why you did not take the time to get your office in order months ago!


File Storage Solutions


Encourage everyone in your office to do a little bit of “spring cleaning,” too, regardless of the actual time of year. Get rid of any papers, files, and documents you no longer need. Just remember, you may want to shred these for security reasons. Also toss out and recycle any nonworking equipment and computers, or anything you no longer use that is taking up space.


Next, find a location for storage shelves and filing systems if you do not currently have a dedicated space within your office. Relocate existing cabinets and shelves to the new location, or order new or additional sections of shelving to ensure you have plenty of storage for those items you need to keep.


Now that your storage area is set up, take the time to go through existing files and get rid of any you no longer have to retain. This will make room for those stacks of files and papers on everyone’s desks. It does not hurt to invest in multicolored filing tabs and folders.


For open storage shelves, you can use clear totes or clear pull-out cubes for storing loose items, like office supplies, and maximize the shelving space. Use your label maker and label each of your totes or cubes so everyone will know what they contain and where to put items when new office supplies are ordered. You can also use file storage boxes for archived files you want to retain, but do not want in your main filing storage system, and place these onto open storage shelving sections.


For further filing and storage inspirational ideas, and storage and filing shelving systems for your office, please feel free contact Aurora Small Office today at 800-277-1699.


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