I’m storing files.  How do I know what size of unit to order?

You should make a simple assessment of the number of files you need to store and their width.  Remember a single file folder with one or two pieces of paper is very thin, but files that are active with lots of documentation can be much wider.   

Measure the average width and estimate the number of files you have.  Let’s say most of your files are between  .5 and .75” and you estimate you have 500 of them.   To err on the side of caution multiply the larger number:  .75” x 500 = 375” or what we call Linear Filing Inches. (LFI)

If you choose a 36” wide filing unit, divide the width of the shelf, 36” into 375” (LFI)  to equal 10.5.     For a unit with 36” wide shelves, you will need 10.5 openings.    Order a Starter and Add-On unit with 6 Filing Openings and you should have enough room.

I’d like to store a mixture of files, books, and office supplies on a single shelving unit.  I’m confused about what style of shelving to order.

Keep in mind that Aurora Filing Shelving is versatile enough to store most all your office needs.  A filing unit with slotted shelves will work just fine for other storage too.  The important thing is to use some of the slotted shelves and file dividers to keep end tab files standing upright and tidy. 

You can easily reconfigure the rest of the unit by adjusting shelves higher or lower to store office supplies and other material.

What if my needs change and I want to expand my single starter shelving unit? 

Easily done by ordering an Add-on Shelving Unit.  The Starter unit disassembles in minutes to accommodate the Add-on unit which includes a middle upright, shelves, and additional base components.  Begin with the Starter left hand upright and base components, place the middle upright from the Add-on and its base components, then place the other Starter upright at the right.  Now you’re ready to place shelves.

I’m ordering a general storage unit for my retail stockroom and noticed the unit comes with 4 solid shelves that are spaced very generously.  Am I locked into only 4 shelves?

No, you can order additional Aurora accessories including more shelves and shelf supports for your general storage unit.  Shelves are adjustable every  1.5” and you can easily add as many as you’d like to store your retail goods.

I have a small office with a separate locked file room.  It’s tight and there’s no room for a desk. My employees need a place to work and write notes near our files.   Any ideas?

The solution to your question is a Pull Out Reference Shelf accessory for the shelving unit.  The shelf slides out to provide a handy surface for writing and adding documents to a file.  When finished, your employee simply slides the reference shelf back under the shelf.

We’re storing some pretty heavy boxes.  Is Aurora Shelving sturdy enough to handle a big load?

Yes, we have general storage Aurora Shelving units that can handle between 300 to 400 pounds per shelf depending on the width and depth of the unit.  This weight capacity is more than enough for most storage needs.  if you have specific questions just call our Customer Service Department.



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